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Software does not need to be
complicated to work. It just needs
to to do the things you need in the
simpliest possible method. You can
actually over-automate your tasks,
the poiont it takes longer to do on
a computer. It can even taken
longer than using paper recored.
Balance is central.
Spec Apps
What are they? well they are simply
applications we develop for you.
There are virually no upfront costs
unless there are special tools or
Small Governments
Those are small towns, cities and
counties. There are small agencies
within them. We build software
solutions you can afford. We can
also build on a transaction fee
basis. That way you only pay for
what you use.
Minnesota Based
Yup, we are located in Minnesota.  Our target clientel is startups, small businesses and small government agencies.
Small Things
We like to remind our customers that even small things can be of huge benefit to them.  We have for example developed custom reports that have saved clients as many as 60 work hours per month. Tangible results for small costs.
We are a company that primarily provides solutions for Microsoft platforms.  We still believe .Net rocks!

Regardless of whether you are a small business, or a small government agency, we strive to service your requirements.  We make every effort to make low cost solutions that can adapt to your needs.

If you have something you think would be a useful solution we will try to make that reality.

Ours promise is to deliver a solution that meets your needs. We factor in computer platforms, business operations and workflow in designing the product